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Need Oil and Gas Financial Solutions? Visit us at DUG Haynesville

CashLine Solutions offers order to cash evaluation for the oil and gas industry. We understand every step of the order to cash cycle and will help find bottlenecks in your processes and offer realistic and effective solutions, personalized for your business. We will help you implement these recommendations to improve your cash flow. 

If you have considered using an outside firm to help manage your cash flow, or you have used one in the past and aren’t happy with the results, get in touch. We will listen to your needs and help develop a plan to move forward effectively. 

You can get in touch with us today, or, if you prefer to speak in person, stop by our booth at the DUG Haynesville Conference & Exhibition. We will be in Shreveport on May 25 & 26 and would love to spend a few minutes with you. Let’s discuss your business pain points and brainstorm solutions. 

Services We Offer

At CashLine Solutions, we understand the financial aspects of the oil and gas business. Our services are designed to keep your business running smoothly. To learn how we can help you manage your cash flow, stop by and see us at the DUG Haynesville Conference & Exhibition. 

Credit Management

CashLine Solutions offers the services you need to get an accurate credit recommendation. Working with a company that knows the oil and gas business and how to navigate credit management ensures your company doesn’t struggle with cash flow issues. 

Dispute Management

Account disputes are a primary obstacle in managing cash flow. Allowing CashLine Solutions to handle dispute management reduces the average number of days a dispute remains unresolved. We not only handle the existing issue, but we also dig deep to identify the cause of your most common disputes. We then develop solutions, custom-tailored for your business. 

Collection Management

Let CashLine Solutions handle your collections. We know how to effectively manage the process to improve cash flow while minimizing risk. By incorporating risk-based strategies, we can increase cash flow while monitoring risk. 

Portfolio Evaluation

We can provide you with a risk score for your accounts receivable portfolio. Necessary for any bank-based mergers or covenants, this portfolio evaluation will use your existing data alongside third-party information to develop the portfolio risk score. We will help identify possible bad debt, and provide insight into potential reserves and borrowing base audits. 

Field-Ticketing and E-Commerce

CashLine Solutions provides support for field ticketing and eCommerce. This will boost on-time invoicing and reduce lag time when submitting invoices. It also helps to minimize disputes and improves the rate of invoice acceptance. 

Cash Applications

We will help set up cash application methods that reduce time and frustration and allow invoices to move through the order to cash cycle more efficiently. We will work with your financial institute on lockbox variation changes, automated cash posting, and unapplied cash resolution. 

How We Work

As a single company that handles every aspect of the order to cash process, we are a streamlined and efficient resource. Remote and based in the cloud, we provide our services without needing an extended lead time or putting a strain on your IT resources. Without the limitations of a bricks-and-mortar company, setup and response times are quick. 

While we are a remote-first company, we are US-based with US employees. We know that this provides the best value and results for our clients and we plan to continue to work this way. 

With 80 years of combined experience, through 22 companies and 37 product lines, CashLine Solutions has the experience your business needs. 

Visit Us at the DUG Haynesville Conference & Exhibition

The DUG Haynesville Conference & Exhibition is scheduled to take place in Shreveport, LA on May 25 & 26. This conference is a tremendous networking and educational opportunity for anyone with an interest in the oil and gas industry. 

Why Attend the DUG Haynesville Conference & Exhibition? 

You’re busy running your company, we get it. It may seem like you don’t have time to leave your day-to-day responsibilities and head to Shreveport, but it’s hard to argue with the benefits. 

Not only do you get exposure to other businesses and ideas when you visit, but others get exposure to you. This is a trip to build your company’s reputation in the industry. The people you meet will remember you, and your company, down the line. The oil and gas industry can feel like a small world at times, so it makes sense to spread your network as wide as possible. 

Glance at the agenda and you will see the many educational opportunities available at the DUG Haynesville and Exhibition. Many people consider a conference as an opportunity for networking, and, while it is, it is also a great place to expand your knowledge. You are sure to head home with some ideas you want to implement and experiences you want to share with others. 

The DUG Haynesville Conference & Exhibition provides an outstanding opportunity to see what the oil and gas industry needs. Hear about new markets and learn where the industry is heading. To survive in the industry, you need to be at the top of your game and attending gives you a front-row seat to learn where the market is heading. 

With speakers that are industry leaders, the DUG Haynesville Conference & Exhibition promises to be a not to be missed event. While these speakers will keep you informed and educated, be sure to schedule some time to visit the exhibition, where you will find CashLine Solutions. We look forward to taking just a few minutes of your time to hear what challenges you are facing and let you know how we can help.  The oil and gas industry is competitive but thriving. Visit CashLine Solutions, either online, by phone, or at the DUG Haynesville Conference & Exhibition to see how we can help your business

Written By Lance Montgomery

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