CashLine Solutions streamlines the order-to-cash process by reducing costs, eliminating the need for additional staff and training, and improving customer relations.

Developed through 80 years of experience in Order to Cash Management with a focus in the oil & gas industry


Many credit & collection departments struggle with reducing average collection periods and decreasing the quantity of past-due accounts. Often times, these departments are challenged with high operation costs and a lack of resources.

CashLine Solutions represents more than 80 years of experience in order to cash management, with an emphasis in the service industry. Our goal is to combine our knowledge of the order to cash process to improve your cashflow. CashLine Solutions uses proprietary software and processes which eliminate the need for additional staff and training, reduce overhead costs, and improve your customer relationships while still increasing cash flow for our clients.


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Our Client DSO is 49 days compared to the Industry average of 77 days which means better cashflow for your organization.  Click the button below to use our cashflow calculator to see how you can improve your cashflow by hiring Cashline Solutions.

CashLine Solutions’ dispute management system reduces the average days outstanding for disputes and reduces the occurrences of disputes which hinder cashflow. Our processes identify the root of repeated issues, provide effective solutions, and work with our clients to implement a solution specific to their business.

CashLine Solutions offers full credit services to provide accurate credit recommendations for your company. The failure to make a comprehensive assessment of credit risk can lead to hazardous cash flow problems, and expensive bad debt issues. Additionally, it is important to connect collections strategies with credit risk solutions in order to drive maximum cash flow.

CashLine Solutions offers collection management through proprietary and effective processes which increase cash flow and reduce risk. CashLine Solutions, by incorporating risk-based strategies throughout our collection processes, can identify and monitor risk while increasing cash flow.