Most frequent questions and answers

Our Order-To-Cash management team consist of highly experienced individuals.  With a total of 80 years’ experience with 22 companies and 37 product lines contributing to the processes and procedures of CashLine.

We recognize the variances in accounts receivable and the cost of maintaining departments in order to optimize cash flow.   So, we structured our pricing model to mirror the fluctuations of the A/R balances.  i.e. when your revenue/AR is down, our rate is as well.

CashLine Solutions has strategic partnerships with multiple firms.  We can fully automate your Collections, Dispute Management and Credit function.  We can also arrange for firms to provide technical assistance with; installation of e-commerce solutions, automate paper billing solutions and automate your cash application process.

Our software is designed to handle multiple systems and currencies, allowing them to be combined into one collection tool.  This gives us the ability to provide a companywide risk assessment and collection strategy. 

We offer consulting and best practice guidance with billing/e-commerce and cash applications processes.  And we can provide full support for: credit, collections and dispute management.

CashLine is a partner with our client.  While we can provide advice and process improvement to our client, our goal is to be there to implement the improvements and provide a path for success. 

Our processes have been tested with multiple public companies and passed audits with multiple auditing firms including Grant Thorton and Ernst & Young. 

CashLine is based in Houston, TX and all our operations are handled remotely from the United States.  We hire local trained employees that understand how business works within the United States.