Order to Cash Evaluation

The order to cash evaluation is a tool used by management identify bottlenecks in the order to cash process, receive on point and feasible solutions based on the business needs, and a plan to implement and improve cash flow.


Cash flow begins by identifying customers with strong payment history and credit worthiness. CashLine Solutions has partnered with multiple credit reporting agencies to provide third party data in order to provide the best credit investigation for our clients. Our goal is to provide a credit investigation which allows our clients to make the best decision possible for their business.


Collections are an integral part of the cash flow process. Our proprietary software and processes provide organized, effective and timely customer contact ensuring delays to cash flow are caught early and resolved quickly.

Dispute Management

The order to cash evaluation is a tool used by management identify bottlenecks in the order to cash process, receive on point and feasible solutions based on the business needs, and a plan to implement and improve cash flow.

Portfolio Evaluation

Risk evaluation of the accounts receivable portfolio is essential to any bank-based covenants or mergers. CashLine Solutions has developed a portfolio evaluation which combines data from third parties and the client’s own data to produce a risk score. Our evaluation can provide insight into potential reserves needed during divestitures or acquisitions, borrowing base audits, and potential bad debts.

Field Ticketing &

If an invoice cannot get to the customer, it is impossible to receive payment for work performed. CashLine Solutions offers Field ticketing and Ecommerce support in order to increase on time invoicing, reduce lag time in invoice submission, minimize disputes, and increase invoice acceptance.

Cash Applications

Applying cash correctly is an important part of the order to cash process. Misapplied cash can create hours of wasted time and frustration contacting customers on invoices which have already been paid. CashLine Solutions provides support for cash applications through working with the bank on automated cash posting, lockbox variations changes, and unapplied cash resolution.

Order to Cash Evaluation

At CashLine, we understand your most important resource is your cash flow. For this reason, we offer our order to cash evaluation services with no locked in contract or commitment. We charge a onetime fee based on your invoice count no matter the hours or time it takes to complete. Once complete, we review the report with management, go over the results and leave the information with you to do with as you please. It’s another reason CashLine is your single source for your cash flow needs.

Field Ticketing

  • Review the work ticket process testing for gaps and issues which cause lag time
  • Go to location to visit with field personnel on their local process
  • Identify major customers, analyze current process, and Identify billing requirements.


  • How do tickets get to the invoicing department?
  • Identify steps in the invoicing process including data verification, required elements, and customer master.
  • Map all the processes to identify any steps which increase lag time.

Invoice Delivery

  • Identify the steps taken to send the invoice to the customer
  • Map the process to determine any lag time issues or room for improvement
  • Identify any back up plans or disaster processes


  • Identify costs involved with ecommerce systems (cortex, Ariba, ADP, Oildex)
  • Notate and map current required data elements for customers.
  • Review price books and ecommerce contracts.


  • Identify the steps in the current collection process
  • Evaluate current dispute process
  • Identify gaps in the current process and document

Credit Evaluation

  • Independently score and evaluate your top 20 customers including a recommended limit based on experience and 3rd party data.
  • Document and record the credit review and customer set up process
  • Review the current quarterly review process and credit limit management of current customers

SOX Controls & Policies

  • Evaluate and identify all SOX controls and policies
  • Identify Testing points and document requirements
  • If SOX controls do not exist, identify ideal test points and suggest controls.

Contract Evaluations

  • Review current contracts identifying “grey areas” that could lead to customer audit issues.
  • Review payment terms and invoice requirements
  • Identify hidden bank fees or invoicing discounts for late invoicing.

Cash Application

  • Determine the process of applying cash
  • Identify customer payment methods to improve payment allocation and posting times.
  • Identify any escheatment risk and any possible audit risk.