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What You Need to Know About the Thrive Energy Conference

How are world leaders making decisions about meeting our planet’s energy needs? Where do conscientious business owners gather to team up their efforts?

One of the foremost places is the Thrive Energy Conference. This is where high-level strategy is shared in a fun and social format.

The conference is a networking and educational event in Houston, Texas that is taking place at the end of February 2022. Representatives from most major energy companies will be in attendance.

In this article, we will talk about the Thrive Energy Conference, what its goals include, and what to expect as a result of the meeting. Read on and you’ll learn about sponsors such as Dragon and Catalyst as well as other partners such as CashLine Solutions.

What Is the Thrive Energy Conference?

The Thrive Energy Conference is hosted by Daniel Energy Partners. It is presented in conjunction with Winston and Strawn. The event includes a wide array of corporate sponsors all aiming to promote collaboration in the industry.

It is a major event in the energy industry that has invited major players in the space into one leadership event. The event is designed for high-level discussion, strategy decision-making, and camaraderie.

In 2022, it is being held in the local ballpark in Houston to create a professional and enjoyable environment for business leaders. The focus is to report back on research-driven insights that have shaped the industry over the past year.

There are representatives in leadership from both private and public global energy companies. These executives will come to network and share ideas that will undoubtedly shape the future of the energy industry in years to come.

What Participants Can Expect

The primary event will include networking and a meet and greet. This will include hundreds of representatives from major oil and gas companies across the world. All subdivisions and categories of the energy industry will be represented.

There won’t be any boring or stuffy formal presentations. Instead, industry leaders will be giving short and lively information sessions or fireside chats.

Attendees can expect everyone at the event to have a major say in shaping the future of the industry. This is an invitation-only event, which means that it caters to major personnel at global companies.

There will be up to 100 exhibits that are displaying new technologies, energy sources and equipment, and services. These events will take place in Minute Maid Park.

Overview of Events

The first day on Tuesday, February 22nd will include a registration check-in in the afternoon followed by an opening day VIP reception. This will take place in the Diamond Club for VIP guests only.

That evening there will be batting practice down on the field sponsored by leading energy companies. For big-time baseball fans, this is an incredible experience that won’t disappoint.

The following day on Wednesday, there will be registration all day long as the event kicks off. There will be both indoor and outdoor suites containing exhibits for the newest technology. Breakfast will be followed by morning panel sessions that will be thrown up onto the jumbo screen in the ballpark.

There will be a networking break from 10 AM to 10:15 AM, and then similar afternoon panel sessions until dinner time. There will be another VIP batting practice session that evening followed by a reception at the suite level. Business leaders will be able to table talk strategy throughout the evening.

Thursday will include a similar array of events, with new headlining panel discussions and a longer amount of time for networking.

CashLine Solutions and Thrive Energy Conference

CashLine Solutions is a major player in the oil and gas industry as a primary provider of order to cash management. Major energy companies saw a need for more effective reduction of average collection periods. They needed an external company to help reduce the quantity of past due accounts in the industry.

That’s how CashLine Solutions was born in 2017. A group of professionals in the energy industry came together to form a company that would meet this exact need.

They combine extensive knowledge of collection expertise and risk mitigation using proprietary software. This helps to improve the order to cash process and ultimately streamline cash flow for major energy companies.

History of Success

CashLine Solutions has had extensive success in its short history in credit management. It has partnered with a wide array of major energy companies. Players in the industry have been able to improve their bottom line using CashLine credit managing systems.

With CashLine systems, credit and collections teams have been able to increase cash flow 2 to 3 times for most clients. This has achieved reduced days from ticket invoice and increased the overall success rate of e-commerce clients.

It also has capabilities in dispute management. The company has been able to reduce outstanding dispute time significantly for the average client.

Why CashLine Solutions Believes in the Thrive Energy Conference

It may not seem like a likely duo. But the energy industry needs cash management teams more than ever.

To be able to function effectively major energy players need to improve their dispute management systems so they can focus on what they do best.

The Thrive Energy Conference is an innovative event with the most important players in the industry.

CashLine Solutions is proud to be on the list of Thrive Energy Conference attendees. Our focus is to improve cash management and credit managing in the oil and gas industry to help our partners create a better future.

To learn how CashLine Solutions can serve your business, please contact us today.

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